Top 10 Tips for a Great Remote Party!

Hosting a party by video chat is very different from doing it in person. But it’s still lots of fun! It’s a lot easier and more fun than you might think if you follow a few simple guidelines – check out our top 10 tips below:

  1. Send out an E-Invitation – websites such as this one have great templates for birthday parties.
  2. Pick a theme for the party– and let your family and friends know in advance.
  3. Give your family and friends plenty of advance instruction – in case some aren’t familiar with video chat platforms, such as Zoom, give them a few tips and guides before you start the party!
  4. Create the right setup for your guests and you – it’s best to use a big screen if possible and ensure there isn’t strong light behind you.
  5. Make it festive! – Dress up in your party clothes and hang up bunting; and balloons!
  6. Send party decorations to your friends and family! – how about sending party hats and party blowers, and the essential paper party plates, bowls, napkins and cups to your friends prior to the event?
  7. Share fantastic recipes ahead of the day – and all enjoy fun food!
  8. Be prepared to lead the conversation – if you notice someone watching but staying quiet, draw them into the conversation! Children may be shyer over video than face to face.
  9. Play virtual party games! – some favourites include Pictionary, Scavenger Hunts, and a Selfie Competition.
  10. Make sure there’s cake and presents – after all, what would a child’s birthday party be without them?

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Have Fun!

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