Powerful Pencils!

No doubt we have all used a trusty pencil sometime in our lives – maybe at home for a shopping list, at primary school in a mathematics quiz, or in the business world for a visual sketch! And of course, there are thousands of artists who specialise in pencil drawing. Where would we be without the pencil?

Here are some fun facts for you about pencils! –

  • The average lead pencil can draw a continuous line for roughly 35 miles, or write 45,000 words!
  • The word “pencil” comes from Old French word “pincel” meaning “a small paintbrush”.
  • An average size tree will make approximately 300,000 pencils.

  • Pencil leads contain no lead – just graphite and clay.
  • Pencils can write in zero gravity and so were used on early American and Russian space missions.
  • Thomas Edison, inventor of the lightbulb, had his pencils specially made – each pencil was three inches long, thicker than standard pencils and had softer graphite.
  • Artist Vincent van Gogh used only one type of pencils, saying they were “a capital black and most agreeable.”

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