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With Covid-19 restrictions lifting, people across the country are eager to enjoy the summer ahead. Many will want to spend quality time with friends and family, whilst soaking up the summer sunshine. For retailers, riding the wave of post-Lockdown trends is a must – it’s important to stock up on outdoor toys and games that will keep the whole family entertained at the many social gatherings that will be held this summer.

After spending so much time indoors, many will want to make the most of the warm weather and spend time outdoors. At Youngland, we offer a variety of outdoor games and toys, perfect for long summer days. Our products are suitable for all ages and are fun for all the family. We’ll list some of our most popular outdoor toys and games products below.

1. Water guns and water bombs

What better way to cool down in the summer sun than with a water fight? Our range of U Party water bombs are a bestseller in the hotter months – they come in a range of colours and are the perfect solution to tackle the summer heat. They come in packs of sixty, guaranteeing plenty of outdoor summer fun for all the family.

2. Balls

At Youngland, we offer a variety of ball games and associated products. This summer, many people across the UK will be hosting garden parties, planning holidays, and visiting beaches. Travel-appropriate outdoor games and toys are a must.

Our fantastic table tennis balls are perfect for both indoor and outdoor tennis. With many bars and holiday resorts reopening this summer, stock up on table tennis balls for those wanting to have plenty spare in their communal entertainment rooms. The packs come in an attractive counter display unit, ready to be stored and displayed.

Ideal for children and families enjoying late summer evenings in the garden or at the beach, we offer twelve-packs of light up balls that bounce and flash in the dark. The balls are made of rubber, and each have their own unique smiley face design. Help your customers enjoy the warm summer nights ahead by stocking up on our outdoor toys and games.

It won’t just be people needing entertainment this summer, but pets too. Dogs across the UK will be enjoying day trips and getaways with their families and will need toys to keep them equally entertained. At Youngland, we now stock a fantastic range of dog balls in a variety of stimulating exciting colours. Conveniently stored in a counter display unit and plastic packaging, they are perfect for those wanting to play outdoors with their dogs in the summer months, and beyond.

3. Fishing nets

After over a year of Coronavirus restrictions, many families and friends are eager to get away. With warmer weather, beaches are an undeniable hotspot for tourists and locals alike. For families with younger children interested in animals and wildlife, our fishing nets are ideal for catching crabs at the beach. Made from bamboo and available in five vibrant colours, our fishing nets are durable and built to last. Stocking up on these nets will allow your customers to partake in a much-loved family activity and create fun memories at the beach.

4. Bubbles

Bubbles can keep children amused for hours – both indoors and outdoors. We offer small Bubble Magic Tubs, as well as larger Bubble Magic Swords, in a variety of bright colours. Eye catching and lightweight, these products are easy to store and display in shops, bound to draw the attention of customers of all ages.

5. Gliders

Perfect for keeping children entertained at the park, at home or at the beach, our gliders come in a wide range of designs, for children of any age and interests. We offer packs of more traditional plane shaped flying gliders, as well as magical unicorn and dinosaur shaped gliders. Each pack comes with different colours and designs so younger customers can choose the glider that appeals most to them. All packs come in a matching counter display unit, ready to be stored and sold.

After over a year of lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, people across the world will be eager to make up for lost time, reunite with their friends and family and make new memories. Help your customers have a summer to remember this year!

At Youngland, we pride ourselves on being upfront and transparent with our clients and colleagues. Your needs will always be our top priority, so we won’t make any promises we can’t commit to. For all of the products listed above, we offer competitive bulk pricing, to ensure that your business will benefit from a high-profit return. We also offer same day dispatch and low minimum order values, so you can shop in a way that works for you, without worrying about delivery times.

If you’re interested in learning more about our wholesale outdoor toys, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Drop us an email at info@youngland.co.uk or alternatively, give us a call at 01728 605090. We’re here to help.

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