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With Covid restrictions coming to an end over summer, one of the UK’s favourite pastimes, Bingo, is back. Bingo, invented in 1929, is a popular and fun game for people of all ages – with over 3.5 million Bingo players across the UK. With Covid-19 lockdown restrictions lifting, Bingo halls are now reopening, and customers will be welcomed back, at full capacity.

Bingo is a £910 million-per-year industry, with live Bingo making up the bulk of that (£635.9 million) and online Bingo following closely behind. A large part of Bingo’s consistent popularity is its flexibility – Bingo has the power to evolve, with new hybrid games springing up every year. Some parlours allow a mix of online and in-person players, and others integrate dancing or challenges within the game.

With the coronavirus restrictions now lifting and the public eager for social and leisure activities to return, many Bingo fans are keen to get back into the parlours over the summer. Now, as Britons book their summer getaways in the UK and Bingo halls reopen, is the perfect time to stock up your Bingo supplies to meet these customer demands.

So, what do you need to have in stock to successfully ride the wave of Bingo being back open this summer? We’ll break it down for you below.

1. Go Bingo board

When playing Bingo, a flat surface is essential. At Youngland, our Go Bingo boards are made from a sturdy backing board, with strong metal clasps to hold Bingo paper in place. They also have plastic corners to protect from damage and increase product longevity. Lightweight and stored in plastic packaging with a Euro whole, these Bingo boards are easy to display in stores. For traditional Bingo parlours or even groups who want to play more casually, these Bingo boards are a must.

2. Go Bingo dabbers

Bingo dabbers are perhaps the most renowned Bingo accessory and a ‘must-have’ for any game. An essential for any bingo player, our Go Bingo dabbers are exceptional quality and excellent value. With strong colours and a great quality dab, the ink within the dabbers quick drying, making these the ideal easy to use accessory. Help your customers mark their Bingo wins with ease this summer with a good stock of Bingo dabbers!

3. Go Bingo pens

Bingo pens are another popular Bingo accessory. For larger groups of players or those playing multiple games, having multicoloured pens can be particularly helpful. At Youngland, we offer packs of six Go Bingo pens, of three assorted colours. The packs include two red, two blue and two green pens. Stocking up on these is a wise move when considering the families and friends booking their much-needed UK-based holidays this year, where Bingo is often a much-loved part of the trip.

4. Go Bingo tickets

A game of Bingo simply can’t go ahead without Bingo tickets. To account for the many games being hosted at full capacity over the summer, stocking up on Bingo ticket pads is essential. Our Go Bingo Tickets Pad includes five different ticket colours: blue, pink, green, white, and yellow. They are built with the users’ convenience in mind – the pages are easy to neatly tear out as required. Pair them with our Go Bingo dabbers or assorted pens to help deliver a stress-free, enjoyable game of Bingo.

At Youngland, we pride ourselves on being upfront and transparent with our clients and colleagues. Your needs will always be our top priority, so we won’t make any promises we can’t commit to. For all of the products listed above, we offer competitive bulk pricing, to ensure that your business will benefit from a high-profit return. We also offer same day dispatch and low minimum order values, so you can shop in a way that works for you, without worrying about delivery times.

If you’re interested in learning more about our wholesale Bingo products, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Drop us an email at or alternatively, give us a call at 01728 605090. We’re here to help.

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