5 Ways to Keep Calm & Carry On with a Notebook

Adults in the UK and across the globe are feeling stressed. This can be overcome with some strategy! One popular method to overcome anxious feelings is to keep your own ‘anxiety relieving notebook’. Check out 5 ways this method can help! –

  1. Write down your thoughts! By simply writing down your thoughts and feelings you’ll relieve your mind from pressure and help yourself to throw away negative thoughts.
  2. Plan your day in a nice notebook – it’s been proven time and time again that keeping busy helps us to cope – action relieves anxiety. Jot down your plan and keep active and happy each day.
  3. Doodle. Doodling can help your mind to switch off from worrying thoughts – our favourite ‘anxiety relieving notebook’ even includes therapeutic patterns to colour on every page. Bonus!
  4. Start some ‘gratitude journaling’ – count your blessings! Being grateful makes us feel happier and more positive – write down 5-15 things to be grateful for. Of course, you might find your list goes on far longer than 15 things!
  5. Look back on what you wrote a day, week, month or year before – how did you overcome then? And therefore, how can you overcome it now? Writing things down helps us to learn from experience and move onwards and upwards.

Our Squiggle range includes a perfect notebook solution for the above – it combines therapeutic doodle patterns to colour with high quality lined paper – click HERE to check it out now.

Happy journaling!

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